Your 24-Hour Money Access Line (MacLine) makes it possible for you to get phone access to your regular share, share draft and overdraft loan accounts any time of day though an easy automated system. Just call 202-547-4175 or 202-547-4185.

MacLine allows you to:

  • Transfer funds between savings, checking and loan accounts
  • Find out how much money is available in your savings, checking and overdraft accounts (excluding outstanding checks)
  • Find out what the last checks were that cleared
  • Find out the date of the last posted payroll or direct deposit
  • Withdraw funds from your savings or checking accounts by having a check mailed to you
  • Find out the due dates for loans
  • Find out your year-to-date interest or dividends for the past year or the current year

Here’s All You Need:

  • A touchtone phone — dial 202-547-4175 or 202-547-4185
  • Your user ID (your account number)
  • Your MacLine personal identification number (which is different from your ATM PIN)

You must use your account primary number as it appears on the statement (example: 12345#), and transaction amounts must show the full amounts, with zeros and no decimal point. For example, $10.00 would be 1000#.

If the transaction cannot be completed because an amount is not available or because the code is incorrect, MacLine will tell you it doesn’t understand and will ask you to please repeat or change the transaction. If you request a withdrawal or a transfer of funds, the transaction will appear on your statement.

How to Get Started

(Caller hears greeting) If this is your first time calling — you will have to enroll in the system by pressing the star (*) key.

Otherwise which of these can I help you with?

  • For Balances or Transaction History press “1”
  • Or Transfers press “2”
  • For More Options press “5”

First time calling menu for enrolling in the system:

  • Please key in your User ID — This is your member number. (If you need a moment to find it press the # key.)
  • Please key in your PIN code — This is your full social security number. (This is for first time use only.)
  • Please key in the 10-digit phone number you will usually call from. If you do not begin entering your phone number you will hear: Starting with the area code, key in the 10 digit phone number you will usually call from.

Is this number your cell phone press “1”; if Home press “2”; if Work press “3”

If you would like to register another phone number please press “1”

You may repeat the process to register three phone numbers.

Set your security questions and answers. The answers will need to be entered using the telephone number pad. Dates are two digits for month, two digits for day, and four digits for year.

You will need to choose three (3) of the of the following questions. The system will prompt you to set up your first question and answer, then your second question and answer- followed by the third question and answer.

  • To use your oldest siblings birthday as a challenge question press 1
  • Your youngest siblings birthday press 2
  • The number of grandchildren you have press 3
  • The last four digits of your childhood phone number press 4
  • The age you were on your first date press 5
  • The number of pets you had before you were ten press 6
  • The numeric street address of your childhood home press 7
  • The number of schools you attended press 8
  • Or your anniversary press 9

Personalized Message. You can create (1) a personalized message or your name or choose from a prerecorded list (2)

Confirm personalized message (yes – 1, no – 2)

Create a new PIN code. — This is the PIN you will use in the future to access your account.