Direct Deposit

Sign up for direct deposit of  your net check with your employer. They may have a form they require you to complete, or you can supply them with a Direct Deposit Sign Up Form. Your employer will need the DCTFCU routing and transit number (254074468) and your account number to set up your direct deposit.

Payroll Deduction

You can also put your savings deposits and loan payments on autopilot! Payroll deduction lets you save or repay a loan automatically each payday. Set aside a specified amount to be deducted from each paycheck for specific purposes to make sure you’re meeting your long term objectives each pay period.

Automatic debits from your accounts for payments to creditors like mortgage, insurance and utility companies are also possible. Find out from your creditors whether they have automatic payment programs to have your payments drafted from your account each month, or set up automatic payments through Online Banking.

Once you’ve set up Direct Deposit with your employer, contact the credit union to set up Payroll Deduction.

Routing and Transit Number