How Does It Work?

You can open a Christmas Club Account at anytime of the year. Make regular deposits to the account throughout the year! Your annual Christmas savings, plus earnings, will be transferred directly into your DCTFCU share draft account or share savings account each year by October 15. (If you prefer, a check can be mailed to your address on file.)

Your Savings will Add Up Fast

Here’s what you’ll save over 26 paydays:

Save Each PaydayTotal Savings
At $10 per payday...You'll save $260.
At $25 per payday...You'll save $650.
At $50 per payday...You'll save $1300.
At $75 per payday...You'll save $1950.
At $100 per payday...You'll save $2600.

Put Your Christmas Savings on Autopilot

You can make deposits in person or by mail, but the easiest way to save is to set up payroll deduction with your direct deposit. When you open your Christmas Club Account, just indicate how much you’d like to save each pay period on the Christmas Club Account application. (No need to submit a separate payroll deduction form.) However, if you need to change the amount of your payroll deduction at a later date, you must complete a Payroll Allotment Form and confirm all your current deductions.

What’s Required?

Your deposits to the account between October 1 and September 30 the following year will need to total at least $100, and you may not withdraw the funds prior to October 1 each year without a fee. (See our fee schedule.)

Your Christmas Club Account will automatically renew on October 1 each year. Contact the credit union prior to October 1 if you don’t wish to renew for the following year.

Download a Account Application

Complete the application and return it to the credit union in person, by mail or by fax along with a copy of a government issued identification i.e. driver’s license. Be sure to complete an allotment form with your employer for the deposit to your Christmas Club account.