Get maximum security with a guaranteed return.

Committing your funds to a set term awards you higher dividends than those offered on our Share Savings at the time the certificate is opened. The yields are consistently higher than those offered by competing financial institutions. While there is a penalty for early withdrawal, it is not as substantial as those charged elsewhere.

Share Certificate Rates

Effective June 18, 2024
TermMin. DepositDividendAPY*
6 - 11 months$500.002.85%2.85%
12 - 17 months$500.002.95%2.95%
18 - 23 months$500.002.75%2.75%
24 - 35 months$500.002.65%2.65%
36 - 47 months$500.002,55%2.55%
48 - 60 months$500.002.45%2.45%
12 months$10,000.003.05%3.05%

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Transfer Funds from a DCTFCU Account

To open a new share certificate or IRA certificate by transferring funds from an existing DCTFCU account, you may visit or call the credit union or return an application by mail or fax along with a copy of a government issued identification i.e. driver’s license. You can request funds be transferred from one of your other DCTFCU accounts or request a transfer from another financial institution (opens in new window) when you apply and we will take care of the transfer for you and open your account.

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Review our Account Terms, Disclosures & Agreements.

*APY= Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are variable and are determined at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Therefore‚ the Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield are subject to change. Please call the Credit Union to obtain current rate information. Fees may reduce earnings. Dividends are calculated on the daily balance and accrue from day of deposit to day of withdrawal. Dividends are compounded quarterly and paid quarterly on the last day of the dividend period. Accrued dividends will be paid at account closing. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings‚ after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period. Share and IRA Certificates automatically renew with notice at least 30 days prior to maturity. There is a penalty for early withdrawal; IRS may impose penalties for early withdrawal from IRAs. Certain fees and charges may apply to your account.