Share Savings Account

Your membership at D.C. Teachers’ Federal Credit Union begins here.

Join the credit union by opening a Share Savings Account with a minimum initial deposit of $50, plus a $5 one-time membership fee. It’s a great place for your emergency and raining day funds, as well as funds for overdraft protection.

Earn Dividends

Dividends are paid on a tiered basis — higher balances earn a higher dividend. So the more you save, the more you earn! See our current rates and review our schedule of fees.

Easy ATM Access

Enjoy convenient access to funds at thousands of surcharge-free ATMs nationwide with a DCTFCU ATM Card. Use it exclusively for your Share Savings Account to withdraw funds when you need them. Have a DCTFCU Checking Account? Access both your checking and savings accounts with a DCTFCU Visa Check Card.

Maintain a Minimum Balance

Your Regular Share Account funds are always available to you, however, you must keep at least $50 in the account at all times to remain a member of the Credit Union. If you have an outstanding loan balance, you must remain a member until you’ve paid your loan balance in full.

Join the Credit Union

To open a Share Savings Account, apply for credit union membership.

Already a member?

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