It is the intent of your board of directors to provide as many financial services as possible fee-free or at minimal cost. Over the years District of Columbia Teachers’ Federal Credit Union has done just that — providing many services free to the entire membership when banks and other profit-oriented financial institutions institutions were assessing charges.

In order to use your credit union to your best advantage, you should be aware of those services that do require additional fees. As you will note, most fees are for unusual use or misuse of accounts, where maintenance costs are excessive. Use your credit union for all your financial needs and you’ll find it a money-saving and rewarding money-making experience!

Effective December 1, 2022
Dormant Share Account (12 months)$5.00 monthly
Regular Share Account less than Par Value ($50) $2.00 monthly
Excessive Withdrawal from Share Savings
(over 2 per month)
$5.00 each
Account Closing within 6 months of Opening$10.00 each
Reinstatement of Closed Share/Share Draft Account
$10.00 each
Deposited Checks Returned $33.00 each
Statement Reconciliation/Account Research Fee
(assistance per hour)
$25.00 per hour
Undeliverable/Returned Mail$5.00 monthly
Member Privilege$33.00 per item
Transfer of Funds Request
Automatic (Regular Shares)
Duplicate Auto Title /Lien Release$10.00
Duplicate Title Release (Home Equity)$25.00
Subordination Agreement (Home Equity)$75.00
Loan/Mortgage Verification
2 Days
Within 24 Hours
$10.00 each
$20.00 each
Skip A Payment Fee$25.00 each
Line of Credit Annual Fee$15.00
Home Equity Line of Credit Annual Fee$25.00
Home Equity Loan/Line of Credit Payoff to Other Institution$20.00 each
Loan Late Fee$30.00 after 15 days
Home Equity Loan Late Fee$60.00 after 15 days
Home Equity Application Fee $75.00
Garnishments, Levies, Liens Processing $75.00 per item
Copies of Credit Union Checks
Copies of Share Drafts $2.00
Cashier’s Checks$5.00
Christmas Club Closing Balance
(if less than $100.00 at maturity)
Christmas Club Withdrawals
(prior to maturity)
Premature Withdrawals from IRA Accounts
(prior to age 59 1/2)
$10.00 each
Cut off Statements
(Copies per month of coverage)
Mailed Paper Statements$2.00
Undeliverable/Returned Mail$5.00 per month
Check Holds See Reg. CC Schedule
for check hold policies
Stop Payments/Member Checks
$20.00 each
Stop Payment on Credit Union Checks $25.00 each
Checks Presented for Special Collection $25.00 each
Withdrawal From Share Draft Accounts
by Credit Union Check
Money Market Withdrawal (over 2 per month)$10.00
Online Banking Bill Payer$6.00/month
ATM Replacement Card $10.00
ATM Card Replacement PIN$5.00 each
ATM Reactivation Fee$5.00 each
ATM Transactions (Foreign)$1.00 per transaction
ATM Foreign Balance Inquires$.75 per transaction
ACH (Returns/Share Draft Returns)$33.00
Wire Transfers

Notary Services
$5.00 each
$5.00 each
Escheatable Accounts $50.00 each
Express Mail Carrier fee plus $3.00
Establish Back-up Withholding$10.00
Signature Guarantee (Medallion Stamp)$3.00
PLEASE NOTE: The par value of one share ($50) is required in regular shares to maintain membership in the D.C. Teachers’ Federal Credit Union.